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Our Quality department staff in workOur Quality department staff in work
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Our Quality department staff in work .

Flow chart presentation Production processingFlow chart presentation Production processing
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Flow chart presentation Production processing.

  ISA KHOURY Metal Industry Limited has certifications and approvals of the international and national standard institutes: the SII (Standards Institute of Israel) and the DVS. The ownership of these certifications and approvals is conditioned upon frequent supervision and monitoring measures taken by both institutes.

  As such, the ISA KHOURY team is committed to absolute quality and proudly bears this concept as a synonymous. This has been the foundation upon which ISA KHOURY built its reputation which has consequently led to its leading position.

  We understand that steel manufacturing has more to it than commonly thought. It is an extremely complicated business and therefore we have set a system of quality assurance and control procedures according to ISO9000 compatible with those of national and international standards.

 These procedures are being strictly applied at ISA KHOURY from the first day of a project’s life, starting with the detailed engineering and design through the unconditional selective process of the purchased material, then the actual manufacturing up to the handing over of the project to our clients. This is an irrevocable process applied by our staff, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the over-all integrity of the work, and guarantee our clients full satisfaction. As we are convinced in our process, we always provide our clients guarantees and warrantees for our products’ reliability.

Our quality control procedures are acceptable by the chemical, electric, petroleum, marine, military and additional enterprises.

Another procedural quality control measure that we undertake is the objective NDT - None Destructive Tests, which are conducted by third party laboratories. The laboratories’ professionalism is approved by the Israeli Government, and they hold a certificate of ANSI level III for approving and monitoring the NDT’s quality. Those tests, protocols and reports will be presented to our clients at every stage of the project.

Final documentation and quality control documents constitute the following:
1. QIP Quality Inspection Plan signed and approved.
2. Materials’ certificates.
3. Welders list & WPS {welding procedures specification).
4. Dimensional Measurement protocols.
5. Corrosion protection reports.
6. Marking & Packing & Shipment to site of elements.
7. NDT laboratory results, tractability records, Welds plan, etc.
8. Customer's Test and inspection reports, where valid.

Safety first is our practice. We are totally committed to the safety and well-being of our personnel. This involves a firm safety procedure in accordance with the Israeli national laws and regulations and where needed, with international regulations. These procedures are being applied both in our premises and on sites. This includes guidance, instructions, safety equipment, maintenance and so on.

The ISA KHOURY team is keen on safety and proudly holds an impressive safety record.


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