Mechanical installation of power plant, turbines, generators.Mechanical installation of power plant, turbines, generators.
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Mechanical installation of power plant, turbines, generators.


special high pressure qualified welders .special high pressure qualified welders .
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special high pressure qualified welders .

 Worldwide competitiveness is forcing the necessity to construct more effective steel systems, possible only if production regulations and standards are understood and intentions realized.
 Power plants consist of complex, multifarious and advanced steel structures, ducting works, tank and secondary steel structures.
 Because ISA KHOURY Metal Industry has impeccable records for building power plants, IKMI integrated all the latter through advanced engineering, fabrication using the best application methods to achieve the unsurpassed quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

 Throughout the years the company has successfully gained a vast experience in power plants packages installations which include, but not limited to the following :

• Transportation of Turbines and Boiler modules.
• Supply of heavy cranes and rigging.
• Installation of Gas Turbines.
• Installation of Generators.
• Installation of Steam Turbines.
• Boiler and Boiler components installations.
• Pipe racks fabrication and installation.
• Prefabrication and installation of Boiler and BOP piping.
• Stacks fabrication and installation.
• Fire fighting systems.
• Storages tanks Design, Manufacture & Installations.
• Instrument piping, etc,,,

 The Company holds a continuous record of experience in both Mechanical Works of Power Plants and Power Station works as this has always been a part of the Company activities.

 In addition, the Company has the capability of carrying out the design and installation works of Power piping, storage tanks, BOP piping, Racks and others required for power plants installations.
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