DJLC Cranes.DJLC Cranes.
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DJLC Cranes.


A complete installation of three DJLC Cranes.A complete installation of three DJLC Cranes.
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A complete installation of three DJLC Cranes.

Ports & Cranes

With an amazing ability to fabricate steel, ISA KHOURY Metal Industry has transferred itself to one of major and largest ports’ cranes manufactures in Israel providing excellent standards of high quality, IKMI detailed, fabricated, machined, painted and erected a complete unites of double job level luffing cranes.

Since IKMI was started we set the standard for building cranes in Israel which brings along a responsibility to continue to manufacture cranes of the absolute highest quality and constantly push our own standards higher.

Despite the fact we are located in small country where cranes’ manufacturing is limited our company has developed a special in-house tooling and working methods to fabricate high quality cranes. IKMI has used first grade materials (S355JRG2) in these projects.

Each stage of the production process has involved spacious supervision by the client representatives such as Lloyds register , BV Bureau Veritas , etc.

 The company began manufacturing Port Cranes during the 1990’s for the Israeli ports. Since then, numerous cranes were supplied to different customers. The works included the complete fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning of number of port cranes and equipment by the ISA KHOURY team.
 Currently, the Company holds an impressive record of experience in the manufacture of port cranes and is one of the few manufacturers   in the Middle-East with a leading role.

 The company own equipment such as portable machining machines, large dimensional horizontal and vertical lathing and milling machines, carousel machines, heavy drilling machines, welding tractors and many other machines specially allocated for the fabrication of cranes.
Usually, works are supervised under the Lloyd’s companies which have approved the ISA KHOURY company for such type of work.
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