ISA KHOURY’S V630M CNC beam drill lineISA KHOURY’S V630M CNC beam drill line
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V630M CNC beam drill line Beam size width=1250mm 3 Axis air cooled drilling cell Integrated marking & numbering Model 2009.

Advanced Flame Cutting 6 torchesAdvanced Flame Cutting 6 torches
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Advanced Flame Cutting 6 torches.

Submerge arc-welding machineSubmerge arc-welding machine
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Submerge arc-welding machine .

Plate Rolling machine up to 48mm plate thicknessPlate Rolling machine up to 48mm plate thickness
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NC cold rolling machine Thickness 60X3000 mm Pre-bending 35 mm Machine type 4 rolls Model 2009.


The plant holds various equipment for plate works, stainless steel works and welding equipment for manufacturing of plate-work, fabrication and erection of heavy structures, handling equipment, forklifts, mobile offices, storage cabins to be located at the construction sites, semi-trailers-cranes, 5 mobile cranes of 20, 40, to 500 ton capacity, air-compressors, sandblasting department, and further equipment with substantial capacity of fully allowing execution works in plant and on site.

Major list of shop fabrication equipment :

  • 8 Overhead Upper bridge cranes with a capacity of 8 tons to 40 tons.
  • Advanced Flame Cutting 6 torches, 15mX6.4 machine including plasma cutting and marking system using CNC system.
  • DAITO DNF1000 DND drill and cut is combined with high speed band saw to make CNC drilling/sawing cell.
  • Plate Rolling machine up to 48mm plate thickness in the width of 3,000 mm with integrated system for conical shape rolling.
  • Hydraulic break press width 4000mm up to 300 tons.
  • Submerge arc-welding machine ( column boom ) with automatic wire feeding. Boom length 0f 6,000 mm and 360 degrees welding angles.
  • Submerge arc-welding machine (Tractor) with automatic wire feeding for plates welding and options for various application.
  • 1,000 mm Sawing machines for profiles with conveyor feeding.
  • Lathing machines for up to 4.2 meters in diameter.
  • Machining department including Lathing machines, milling machines and heavy drilling machines.
  • Milling machines from 600mm to 2800mm.
  • Bending breaks press, equipment for 3000 mm / 300 tons press capacity.
  • Guillotine for plate cutting up to 18 mm / 3000 mm in width.
  • Radial drilling machines with 2600 beam with up to 120 mm drilling diameter.
  • Equipment for sandblasting and painting works

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