The history of Isa KHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is linked to the evolution of steel in our region. Isa Khoury Metal Industry Ltd. an Israeli based  company, is one of the Israeli’s most respected in  manufacturing and metal construction that offer superior levels of steel production. The evolution of IKMI began on the hands of the managing director of Gal-ail metal works (Isa Khoury) in the early 1970s.
With more than 30 years of experience, IKMI now has a respected list of international and national customers consisting of multinational firms and companies. Since its incorporation, the company has executed, managed and conducted numerous projects involves large mechanical and civil engineering projects for the electric power plants facilities, refineries, cement plants, chemical plants, petrol reservoirs, port facilities, and more.
The founding element for the IKMI Company is its steel works fabrication factory which is comprised of state-of-art equipment, and professional and experienced staff what leads to its ranking amongst the leading manufacturers and contractors in its field in the region nowadays. The factory consists of 50,000 sq.m which is located in south of the country.
In the course of employment, we put high on our agenda the rapid completion of the job using modern heavy equipment while adhering to quality, safety, environment protection and employees’ welfare. A distinctive feature of our work is the involvement of local populations in the making.

The company holds certifications for :
  • ISO 9000 since 1998 (Approved on May 2003 for ISO9001-2000).
  • Certified to DIN18800 part 7 for the fabrication of steel parts and members.
  • The company is a member of the IQNet network.
  • Certification for the fabrication of Pressure Vessels as per IIS4295 (Israel Institute of Standards)for fabrication in accordance with ASME standards.
We offer our clients the invaluable experience of projects management and development of various types, combined with high quality production; an extremely efficient and successful combination that has proven itself throughout the years particularly in the most complex projects.

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